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Nutritional information

The nutritional information is a very important part of recipes, mainly if we are talking about fitness.
To start a new nutritional information table, you should first to select a recipe.


  • 1 –  Ingredient table.
    Here you will select the already pre-created ingredients. To get nutritional data from the internet, check next section bellow.
  • 2 – Calculating the nutritional data based on your recipe.
    After getting all the nutritional data, you will fill some information about your recipe, for example, the serving size. The system will recalculate the nutritional information based on the quantity of this item within your recipe.





  • 1 –  Get nutritional data from the internet.
    When you click on the GET NUTRITIONAL DATA button, the system will search on the internet about the characteristics of your ingredient and will show to you all options available.
  • 2 – Using a desired nutritional data.
    When you find the property ingredient as in your recipe, you can click the USE button, to insert this nutritional information to calculate in your recipe.




After the nutritional data for the right ingredient is retrieved, you can fill the REFERENCE SERVING and the METRIC QUANTITY fields and click SAVE.
Now all information about this ingredient is saved and ready to be used to calculate the overall nutritional data.





With all the nutritional data from all ingredients ready, you can do the final step.

  • 1 –  Checking.
    When you click on the CALCULATE RECIPE NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION button, you will see a table with overall information of your recipe. If there is any information missing, the system will ask to fill this information.
  • 2 – Calculating.
    Once all the missing information is filled, you can click on the CALCULATE button and the system will create the right nutritional table for your recipe.





You can also insert the information manually.
If your recipe has some specific details the system couldn’t find, you can create your own nutritional information for the recipe.