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Menus are like restaurants menus. You can group in these menus several recipes.





  • 1 –  Name/title of your menu.
    Here you can put the name of your menu. You can use thematic titles or something that describes what kind of recipes the visitors will find inside this menu.
  • 2 – Text/description.
    As in the articles, here you can put the description and some other details about your new menu. Note this is not the place to put the recipes, just description and optional content.
  • 3 – Recipes.
    To add the recipes and the content itself to your menu, you need to access the published menu, trough the front end. To do this, after publishing the menu, click on the menu URL to access the front page and will be able to add your recipes to this menu.
  • 4 – Save/publish.
    Do not forget to publish your changes. The menu and changes will only work after you publish.