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Custom TAGs

TAGs are very useful to help search engines to find/classify your content and to the visitors filter the information.
To save some time, you can create a present of custom tags, to use when you need.
Presets are a timesaver because all the TAGs will follow the same structure, so there is no risk to find different TAGs with wrong grammar spell.

  • 1 –  Active TAGs.
    Here you can edit and delete all your active TAGs.
  • 2 – New TAG.
    To add a new TAG you need to fill some requisites:

    • NAME – The name itself. Usually, the plural is used.
    • SINGULAR NAME – The same name used above, but in the singular.
    • SLUG – Here you can create the URL where the visitor will filter all content with this TAG.

Do not forget to press the ADD NEW TAG to insert the new TAG in your site.