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Viewing/creating orders

This option allows you to create manually custom orders/packages for any kind of situation.
Also, you can send the invoice/order directly to the customer e-mail.




Creating a new order

  • 1 –  Order actions.
    These actions are used to send the email/notification to your client, to inform a change in the status or in the order.
    Note there is a button CREATE. Don’t forget to use this button after you create a new order.


  • 2 – Order notes.
    This field is used to add a message/note in your order.
    Is possible to keep this message/note only for you or to send to your customer.


  • 3 – Order details.
    Here is where you add the details about your customer and status.
    Is possible to modify/add a new address, the date, the customer will receive this order and the status of this order.


  • 4 – Item details.
    Here is where you add the details about the items within the order.
    Is possible to modify/add items, taxes and recalculate the total with the shipment.




  • 5 – Custom fields.
    This is an advanced feature used when you want to customize some functions, descriptions or actions for your posts/orders.
    With custom fields is possible to add a new property in a description of an item. For example, you can add the custom field “gender” to use in your products and set this field to male/female.


  • 6 – Download permission.
    This feature is only used when your product is a virtual product, like a software.
    This option allows you to make the download of your product available to your customer.