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Viewing/creating coupons

Basically, coupons are a way to give discounts to your clients and control/analyze the feedback of these discounts.




Creating coupons

  • 1 –  Coupon code.
    Here you can put a random sequence of letters/numbers or use a common word related to the promotion theme. For example CHRISTMAS50OFF.
    Usually, a word related to the theme of promotion is better to control/organize.


  • 2 – Description.
    Here you can put some description or a note about some specific information about your promotion/coupon.


  • 3 – Data and restrictions.
    When you create a new coupon, is possible to define some properties and limitations, like expiration date, public and so on.




GENERAL – here you define the percentage of discount, amount of coupons and expiration.




USAGE RESTRICTION – here you can define some rules to make the coupon valid. Is possible to filter by products, categories, spend and so on.




USAGE LIMITS – here you define some limitations for the coupon. These limitations are based on the quantity of use.