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Inserting images into articles


  • 1 –  ADD MEDIA button allow you to insert new medias on your text.
    Before clicking this button, be sure to position your text cursor where you want to insert the image.
    The alignment and other images adjustments can be made after you insert the image.


  • 2 – Media window.
    After clicking the ADD MEDIA button a window will appear with some options.
    To upload a new image, use the UPLOAD FILES tab. After upload your images or just to use an existing media, use the MEDIA tab and select the image you want to insert.


  • 3 – Attachment details.
    Here you can set some additional options for your image:

    • TITLE – You can set any title to your image to be easier to find the same image if you intend to use it for another article.
    • CAPTION – Depends on your content, can be useful add a caption, like on newspapers. A caption could help your visitor understand the context of the image.
    • ALT TEXT – This is the text that appears when you put the cursor of your mouse over an image and wait.
    • DESCRIPTION – This feature helps mainly the search engines to find and contextualize your content.
    • ALIGNMENT – This is the position where your image will anchor. This also can be adjusted in the text editor.
    • LINK TO – Here you can put a link to another article or page, so when the visitor clicks on the image he will be redirected to that page.
    • SIZE – This is the size of your image inside the article. These sizes are predefined depends on your WordPress theme.


  • 4 – INSERT INTO POST button.
    After adjusting everything you need, don’t forget to click this button. Only after this, the image will be placed into your article.
    You can always adjust the image setting after putting into the article. To do this, just click on the image and choose an option.
    If you already did the upload of your image, you don’t need to upload again to use it. Jut select the image using the MEDIA tab.