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Don’t find yourself out of THE ZONE!  Choose Auto Ship and  never lose sleep worrying about what you’re going to drink in the morning because you forgot to re-order you favorite Fat Burning Beverage!  Just let us know how much you want and we’ll send it to you every 30 days*!  Set it and Forget it… but we won’t!

Skinny Zone fat burning coffee works to provide a balanced longer lasting energy, using the body’s natural energy source, and helps in limiting the food cravings often felt from drinking other sweetened or caffeinated beverages. It’s low glycemic design assists in helping prevent blood sugar imbalances. Our infrared roasting provides a less acidic smoother cup of coffee you can enjoy every day.

Choose today to reach YOUR Skinny Zone!

Reach it – Live it – Keep it!

*Hassle Free Auto Ship cancellation – you may cancel your auto ship order at anytime by notifying us by email at Product@MySkinnyZone.com.  Please allow 5 business days  before your next scheduled order.


Skinny ZoneTM Thermogenic Coffee
IMPORTANT Brewing/Drinking Instructions

1. Brew the entire 1.4 oz. pouch of My Skinny ZoneTM Thermogenic Coffee coffee at one time.
2. Use 24 ounces of water with entire 1.4 oz. Coffee pouch
3. Consuming one serving (12 fl. Oz. of the brewed coffee) on an empty stomach is key to obtain fat-burning thermogenesis.
4. You may drink 1-Serving and refrigerate the other serving for Iced Coffee later or reheat in microwave.
5. It is recommended to drink the remaining 12 fl. Oz. before your next meal on an empty stomach.  (See below for more details)
Recommended use: Do not use more than 1 serving at a time. May be used 1-3 times per day in-between meals. Do not use more than 3 servings total per day. Do not use caffeine products within 2 hours of taking this product. It is advisable to reduce consumption of products containing caffeine while taking this product.

Intended for adults only – Not for use by individuals under 16 years of age. Not for use by children or by pregnant or lactating women. Use only as directed. Not for use by anyone sensitive to any of the ingredients.

My Skinny ZoneSweetener may be added if desired. Do not add non-dairy or high glycemic creamers, sugars, or other sweeteners. To do so will negate the Thermogenic

Fat-Burning effects.

Mayo Clinic Diabetes Guidelines/Exchange List: 1 Serving of 12 fluid oz Bona Sano Thermogenic Coffee Drink = Free food exchange

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